Welcome to Poplar Lane Poodles

UPDATED April 22/24

I am glad you have taken the time to come and visit my web page.  I just wanted to let you know a little about myself. I have been an animal lover all of my life. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't surrounded by some pet or other.  From dogs and cats to fish, pigeons, turtles, budgies, and horses.  I like all kinds of animals, but my heart has settled on these adorable little Poodle babies.  They love you like there is no end and they are loyal, playful, so intelligent and kind. They love kids and get along well with my family. I have had poodles since early 1980's.  I only had one dog at that time, but since then have expanded my lovely little family of poodles.  It seems that since my children are grown up they are filling a hole left by my kids when they moved out.  They are my new children.  I love them dearly.............

Send me a email if you are interested in puppies or upcoming litters at donna@poodlepuppies.ca

Donna LaRochelle
Gravelbourg, Sask
New Puppies!!