She looks just like her daddy Midas


Update on Abigale (Abby)
Her 1st Birthday Aug 22/2019
Wherever we go she’s always
An instant celebrity. At first
Everyone thinks she a little
Stuffed Dog. Everyone believes
Most little dogs are yappie.

Abby is very smart she was successfully professionally
Trained as A Canadian SERVICE DOG
“Diabetic Alert” see her Plastic
Service Dog Canada ID card.

Abby, is professionally trained
To be well behaved. We are working
On part 2 PTSD Service Dog training.

Because she is a registered
SERVICE DOG she can legally go everywhere with me. Abby is
Always in her little Service Dog
Vest. She’s so tiny it was made just
For her.

We go to the Cancer Clinic
To be with the Oncology Kids.
Abby sits calmly with them to
Easy the children’s anxiety.

We also go visit several seniors
Facility’s. Abby is a celebrity.
Dynamite comes in small packages.
She a very Social Fur-baby loves
To play with other dogs.

Thanks Again for Abigale
my tiny rockstar.


 Hi Donna!
Just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know Bentley (GROVER) is doing great!!!
Just celebrated his 1 year anniversary last month!
He is a sweetheart and sticks to me like glue. I absolutely love him!!!
Thank you so much again for everything you did to help me get Bentley!
I have attached a recent picture of him, after he got a hair cut!!!

Pictures 005

Hi Donna, thought I would send you a few
pictures of Cocoa - she is doing great, gets along well with Pepper and
is a wonderful addition to our family. And we have the same hair
colour. . . Thanks.

Dear Donna
I thought it is about time I'd let you know how wonderful our puppies are!!
Little Stella weighs all of 2 kg and runs straight under Mosi's belly.  Mosi is a GIANT.  She weighs almost 6kg!!! hahaha what a difference between the two!
Stella is "daddy's girl" and does the dance every time he comes home.  Mosi loves every one, Semele especially LOVES her. 
My son moved to Victoria where he is a first year student, he says the dogs are what he misses most of home (really?? What about mommys food?).

So. I have included some pictures of our babies, they are doing great. I thought I would just say thank you again for letting us have them.


It's been 6 months since I picked up my puppy "Sophie" from you and I think its time I write a little note for your past customer references!

Thank you Donna for such a wonderful puppy!
I have never met a more well behaved puppy in my life! She is so smart and picked up on outdoor training immediately!
No accidents since the first week she was with me.
She's also perfectly healthy, my vet says she's remarkably well bred. Her fur has stayed a wonderful red color.
She's my baby! And hopefully someday I will be able to find her a playmate from Donna again!

Heres a picture of her :)