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All Prices are subject to  5% GST
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How do you reserve a puppy???

For Puppies on the "Puppies for Sale" page:
Send me an email or phone me. Let me know which Puppy you want.
If the puppy is available you can
Send a $ 500.00 deposit to put a reserve on a puppy.
For Future Litters:
send  me an email and I can put you on
my waiting list and email you in order of the
waiting list, when the new litters are born.
Deposits are accepted after a puppy is chosen and are non-refundable

All Sizes are an estimate only… going by previous litters and the poodle weight chart.
I cannot guarantee the mature weight and size.

All Prices are subject to  5% GST

Full CKC

Miniature: 11" - 15" 9 lbs - up
- $ 2,000.00

Toys:    9" - 10"   7 lbs - 10 lbs
 $ 2,000.00

Tiny Toys:     9"      5 lbs - 6.5 lbs
$ 2,500.00

Teacups:    9" and smaller ...4.5 lbs and under.
$2,500.00 - $ 3,500.00

Miniature Merles $ 2,000.00
Toy Merles $ 2,500.00
Tiny toy and teacup Merles $ 3,000.00 - $ 3,500.00


Sometimes I will have
Specials on Male pups when they are older ( 4 - 5 months and older) and have not found a home
Price will be reduced by $ 500 on a neuter contract

Shasta and Kahlua's puppies

Shipping prices:

$ 75.00 for Vet certificate to fly for all puppies


For small - med kennels
$ 325.00  flying out of Regina, Sask..... in Canada

For Large kennels
$ 400.00  flying out of Regina, Sask..... in Canada

An extra 100.00 to fly out of Saskatoon, Sask (for milage costs)

or delivery charge of $ 50.00
to nearest town ( Swift Current, Moose Jaw or Regina)

Toys and Tiny Toys can be shipped by 9 - 12 weeks of age. 
Teacups can be shipped by 12 - 16 weeks of age.

Boarding your Puppy!
If you would like me to keep your puppy longer then those ages,
I charge a $ 10.00 a day fee to Board your puppy.
There is also a additional $ 50.00 fee for the second and third puppy shots,
if they are still here when those come due.
Reserve your pup today
Deposits are non-refundable
All Prices are subject to  5% GST

Choose your pup in order of your number

All Prices are subject to  5% GST

Deposit lists 2017

Past Deposit list  2010 - 2015
Past Deposits will be valid for two years from the date of receiving them.
Deposits will need to be resent if interested in a Puppy
Unless you choose your pup this year…. 2017… last chance before losing your deposit.

1.  Susan Whetter
-tiny teacup
- Black female

2 . Natalie Genereux
- tiny teacup

3. Viki Hellund
- Tiny Teacup

4.  Nidia Masse
- Toy Female

5. Tabatha
-Red tiny toy female

6. Fiona Yim
- 2 -Red poodles

Pets Plus Us Insurance

Each new REGISTERED puppy comes with a FREE Pet Plus Us Insurance
for the first 6 weeks of their lives with their new owners,
worth $ 1,150 of coverage !
Puppy Health Voucher
As a new puppy parent you may not be aware of pet health insurance;
something that could help you save your puppy's life one day.
The voucher entitles you to:
$1,000 to cover veterinary fees for illnesses and accidents
Your coverage begins after only 48 hours (from the date and time you take your puppy home) and continues for 6 weeks.
We pay for 80% of fees at any veterinary practice.
You are responsible for the first $50 per condition (the deductible).
$150 for advertising and reward
If your puppy is lost or stolen, call us and we will help.
$250 death benefit
In this unfortunate event we will share in your final costs.

Watch for your complete Pet Plus Us voucher package to arrive shortly after your new puppy comes home.
Pet Plus Us has many pet health insurance plans to protect your puppy for its entire lifetime.
Additional coverage:
Don't be caught unprotected, call before your voucher coverage runs out to receive these benefits:
No enrollment fee
Continuous coverage, without interruption

Past pups

T-cup pup   /  2004
9 weeks    18.2 oz

I have been breeding Toy Poodles since 1996. I try to make sure that each puppy goes to a good home, with people who will love and take care of them.
All the puppies all have their tails docked and their dew claws removed at 3 days old. At seven weeks they have their first shots . Each puppy is sent to their new home with a care package which includes, Purina Puppy Chow food that they eat, vaccination chart, which show the shots that they have received and a brand new hair cut. They can go to their new homes around 8 - 10 weeks. (Teacups will be kept until  12 - 16 weeks)
We can air ship your puppies to you . At your cost, we will arrange shipment and shots (if necessary) and purchase a crate for your new baby and ship them at 9 - 16 weeks of age, if they are big enough.
These cost can vary as to where the puppy goes.
They come with their first shots, if International Shots OR Vet certificate are needed the charge will be assessed and applied to the total bill.
All expenses  and the cost of the puppy must be paid by the time the pup is 7 - 8 weeks old and before I will ship a puppy.

Buttons and Odessa
1 Week old